Longtime UPS

This article is about our longtime uninterruptible power supply.

• Have you problem with power supply?
• Do you know what happened when you are one day without power?
• How you business depend on computer and internet connection?
• Do you try to switch off your electrical circuit breaker?

For this reasons we developed, mainly for our own, longterm uninterruptible power supply. We take head to make it highly robustness and full unwatched system. This our UPS are used in all our location where we need uninterruptible power supply. We offer this well-tried UPS for you.


• nominal capacity: 24 hours (1 day!) (model UPS-o12-B80) load 30W
• output: online - ideal for environments where electrical isolation is necessary or for equipment that is very sensitive to power fluctuations
• output voltage: DC 12V (+-10%)
• input voltage: 2x AC 230V (+-30%) not only sinus :) - inputs are really two. One for permanent power supply, second for reserve power supply (generator)
• internal protect for deeply discharge or overcharge
• changing battery on run
• IP55
• operating temperature range: -10~60˚C
• design life: min. 7 year


• installing in outdoor
• no problem start - no surge etc...
• highly effective system, more than 92%. No repeatable conversion of voltage (no AC - DC - AC - DC)
• quiet
• easy connection of reserve power supply.


• only for direct connection of 12 Volts devices. AC 230 Volts can be made by converter
• weight
• big dimensions for home use.

Recommended use

• backup of all business network like switch, routers also voip devices
• camera and video systems
• telecommunications location for small and medium internet providers
• backup of tv antena system
• long-time or emergency LED light stairs

Model UPS-o12-S33

• real capacity: 10 hours (600 minutes) load 35W
• real capacity: 36 hours (1.5 day) load 10W
• real capacity: 3.5 hours by load 50W
• maximal load: 50W
• dimensions l x h x w (cm): 42 x 42 x 25
• weight: 13 kg
• price: 760 euro inc. VAT / $ 968 USD

Model UPS-o12-B80

• real capacity: 10 hours (600 minutes) load 65W
• real capacity: 36 hours (1.5 day) load 20W
• real capacity: 5 hours by load 100W
• maximal load: 140W
• dimensions l x h x w (cm): 55 x 42 x 25
• weight: 28 kg
• price: 1350 euro inc. VAT / $ 1721 USD


• extended battery unit to triple capacity of model UPS-o12-B80 (30 hours on load 65W)
• 12 Volts cable with DC 2.1 jack and 12 Volts electric outlets
• DCDC convertors to 3.3V, 5V, 7.5V, 48V etc..
• direct injectors for sending power over Cat5E to 30-100m distance
• low power pc based on i386 platform

If your interrested send email to info (at) skvely (dot) net
or directly to our company foreign business director Martin Kratochvil martin(dot)kratochvil(at)altnet(dot)cz

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